“Your memories from this week three years ago…”

they didn’t mean to upset me
they were just sharing pictures of a happy time

and it was such a happy time

it is a photo of our family apple picking
from fall 2017
we are laughing and looking at the camera

it was good enough to upload in shutterfly
and consider turning into a canvas or at least a mug

tinsley is growing inside me,
the boys are carefree,
and so are we

we’re sitting on a beat up wagon
clutching bags of ripe red fruit
almost too heavy for them to carry
but not quite

it was part of our life before,
one of the last memories of before

i never did frame that picture
i have it memorized in my brain though,
and tucked away in her box of stuff

we didn’t know what was coming then
(and i hope she didn’t either)
and we were all so happy then
(and i like to think that she was too)

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