pink and blue balloons

we have our “walk to remember” tonight
as today is the official day for remembering (haha)

there should be a good little crowd,
many friends plan to show up and support us

so i thought i’d give the kids balloons,
something tangible to march with
a piece of string to hold onto
(because there is nothing else, the babies are all gone)

so off i went to the grocery store
the unassuming place where grief likes to lurk

and walking down the aisle
with my dozen pink and blue bouquet
i overheard a lady excitedly say
“oh, there must be a baby shower, what fun!”

and i smiled sadly to myself
at what could have been

and then the check out lady exclaimed,
“is this for a first birthday party?  is it twins?!”

and i smiled sadly to myself
at what should have been

and thought maybe next year
the kids could carry something else.  

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