the great divide

the divide has always existed
small things have nudged the edges
farther and farther apart

but nail files have worked to trim the sharpness down
to create the pretense
it is not as bad as it seems

and then a big thing happens
and the earth ruptures
and i find myself flung onto the other side
of a canyon

limp, bruised, and broken, i peer down
into an abyss
that mocks me with this width and depth

no, not everyone will take the time
to imagine
what words like labor and stillborn and burial really mean

they brush off reality
in favor of a version that doesn’t make their spine shudder
that keeps them protected in their own little bubble

naive or weak
careless or self-centered
whatever it is,
i dont give a shit

i squint across the way to look at them one last time
then i spit my gum into the chasm
and smile as it disappears into the deep

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