He will rise

worldwide we pause
in relative motion
waiting for normal to return
(it never will)

it feels so wrong
that we will not celebrate Easter together
because to gather now in some ways
would be a sin

so we will wave our palms
and kneel separately in our own homes

and He will rise, regardless

it does not matter where we are
physically, spiritually, emotionally,
financially, intellectually, socially

He rises

whether i am here or there
or somewhere in between

He rises

2 years ago on the heels of burying her
it hurt to believe it
but it hurt more not to believe it

and Mother Mary rubbed my back softly as i cried
and she whispered to me that He would rise

and He did then
and He will again

and the hands of all of us paused around the world will join

and He will rise
and He will rise

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