“The Light Between Us: Stories from Heaven. Lessons for the Living.” by Laura Lynne Jackson


A woman in one of my loss moms Facebook groups said she found this book very comforting.  I’ve never read anything from psychics or mediums but I felt drawn to read this, and I’m glad I did.  I don’t necessarily buy her story 100% but that’s not what I needed.  What I needed was a reassurance that many different people aroound the world experience a closeness and connection to their loved ones after they have died.

ie There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. Shakespeare

If you’re interested in this kind of spiritual exploration, it’s worth a read.

A few quotes and one story I wanted to highlight involving an unborn baby:

“Grief brings us great pain, but the Other Side teaches us that this pain is not about the absence of love — it’s about the continuation of that love.  The brilliant cords of love that connects us to someone in this life endure into the afterlife.  And when we feel unbearable pain at the loss of a loved one, it is like we are tugging on that cord of love.  The pain is real because the cord is real.  Our love doesn’t end — it goes on.

The most powerful way we can honor someone who has crossed is to spread light and love in their name.  Doing that work not only keeps that person present in our lives but also allows our loved one on the Other Side to still be a positive influence on our world.

It all matters! If we run a 5K race in someone’s honor, that person will be running or walking with us.  If we hold a charity dinner, that person will be at our table. Our loved ones on the Other Side always know what we are doing, and when they see us spreading light in their names, it matters greatly to them.  The Other Side wants us to live wide-open, vibrant lives.  Live as fully and brightly as we can.  They will be there with us.”  (pg 199)

During a reading for a man whose pregnant wife was killed.  Laura, the psychic/medium, does not just access his wife, but also his unborn child:

“Frank, I see a spirit who was not born,” I told him.  “The spirit died in the crash, too.  Frank , it is your son.”

Frank looked at me in disbelief.

“Your son is coming through and he wants me to acknowledge that he is also so happy to see that you are helping other people…”

When the crash happened, Frank and Charlotte had yet to choose a name for their unborn child.  Over the years, whenever he thought about the child he’d lost, he thought about him only as ‘baby boy.’

And now, at the grief retreat, his baby boy was a baby no more — he was a beautiful spirit of light and love.  He hadn’t been able to reach Frank on this earth, but he was reaching him now, expressing love and pride.

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