Is it life or death inside me

Is it life or death inside me
It can change so quickly you know
Or maybe you don’t know
But I do

I live in a world where babies die on their due date
And fevers kill 7-year-old boys on Christmas Day
Where a mother makes decisions
About her child’s funeral
While she still kicks and hiccups
In her belly.

Oh I don’t mean to be morbid
Or introduce you
To what floats around in the air I inhale
I’m sure you have your own stories
Maybe suicide or cancer
Some other kind of fecal impaction
That doesn’t keep me up at night
But is just as real to you
As the dead daughter I held in my arms
Is to me

Why did I start writing this?
Oh right, I’m wondering if it’s life or death
Resting in my insides tonight

I guess I will just wait for the morning
To find out.

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