somewhere out there


somewhere out there
a baby is warm and loved
and dying

somewhere out there
a mom is hearing
the ugliest words of her life
(there is no heartbeat)

somewhere out there
a song, a place, a time, a season
is being ruined by association

somewhere out there
a woman’s body is being split open
in a silent hospital room

somewhere out there
a family is gathering around a tiny box
to say goodbye

somewhere out there
the newness of death
and revolting injustice of life
is making itself known
to a new set of parents

somewhere out there
a crib is being dismantled
and baby blankets are being stored away

somewhere out there
is weeping and wailing
and bargaining and giving up

somewhere out there
is where I send my prayers tonight
out there into a world
that our babies will never know

and that we will never know

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