“Stillborn” by Linda Kay

I am not sure that I understand.
Is it a babe who is born
In the hush of a morning’s breath
Before the birds begin to sing?
No.  This is not stillborn, though
We would like it to be.
Is it a babe who is born so quiet,
So still, that the angels hush
Their rustling wings to hear
If she will not draw a tiny breath?
Perhaps.  This is very close, but surely,
it means more.
Born, still in the arms of God.
Born, still in the full knowledge of
God’s love and power,
His glory and grace.
Born still to us, but alive to God!
Surely this is stillborn;
No death, but life eternal,
No sorrow, but everlasting peace,
No separation, but
communion forever
With God!
Yes, now I understand,

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