“Gone Too Soon” by Sherri D. Wittwer

This book is written from a Latter-day Saints perspective.  While I’m not an LDS follower, I found some valuable nuggets from this mother’s experience, who wrote the book after having a miscarriage.

The miracle of a baby’s creation begins long before science can detect.

  • The cell has never before existed in the history of the world, and never will another individual exactly like it exist.
  • At 18 days following conception, the heart begins to beat, and by 21 days it is pumping blood.
  • Some doctors believe that a baby’s personality is apparent even in the womb.
  • When a baby is lost, it is indeed the loss of something–someone–very special.

Losing a baby is a life-changing event, much as is giving birth to a healthy baby.

To be so closely attached, first to life, and then to death, brings a woman’s own mortality to consciousness, increasing her sense of vulnerability….

When preparing to give life, no one prepares to say goodbye.

Women who experience the loss of a baby often have such bizarre thoughts and emotions that they actually begin to question their own sanity.

Ideas to facilitate your emotional recovery:

  • Trust yourself and your judgment
  • Accept each stage of grief
  • Envision yourself giving your baby to Christ
  • Write a letter to your baby
  • Put an obituary in the paper
  • Help other women



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