By and By


The world is unforgiving
It can be a cold, cruel place
But Love is what’s eternal
I saw it on your face.

The doctor took my hand
And told me you were gone
And where you had been taken to
I did not belong.

So I placed you underground
And named your star up in the sky
And if God holds your soul awhile
I’ll join you by and by.

By and by my sweet one
I’ll see you someday soon
And if you are one hundred then
I’ll be one hundred too

Anywhere you’ve landed
Anywhere you want to go
You’ll take me to the places
I can’t visit here below.

By and by my sweet one
It’s a promise I can make
It’s one that Christ has made to me
It’s the one that does not break.

So if you start to miss me
If you’re afraid of big goodbyes
Know His time is on our side
My sweet one, by and by.

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