Deception & Grace

Deception has legs and a telescope
It is a mask without a face
And it is not afraid to be naked.
It has no reason to mince words
and it does not wait for you to learn its name.

Grace sits patiently, with ankles crossed
hoping without reason or provocation
she will be ushered in
(mystery always leaves a little room for hope).

I fight and submit to my brokenness
with the same consistency
of a monkey throwing shit at his audience.
I feel like a refugee from my own body


The past, the future, the sideways and the upsidedown
are addresses I can conquer
Or at least push through
It is the second after this one and the second after that one
That scares me.

I know now

There is more to deception than blindness
There is more to grace than acceptance
There is more to god than surrender

and there is more to death than love.

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