Support Resources

If you are considering suicide please call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline for help.

Crisis lines and other support resources can also be found on Still Birthday.

The Star Legacy Foundation can connect you with counselors who specialize in perinatal loss.



The only people that can truly understand the pain of stillbirth are the people that have experienced it.  Connecting to these mothers and fathers has been the key to my survival.

Below are the Facebook groups and websites I’ve consulted and found helpful.  These are U.S. based and international.

Facebook Groups




I’ve also witnessed loss moms help each other in beautiful ways:

Many of us find it healing to support other moms going through loss.  Here are some of the ways I’ve seen us carry each other.

  • Send cards to each other on Mother’s Day
  • Artists offer to create personalized drawings, paintings, etc of each other’s babies (you can also write your baby’s name over and over again –  in different fonts and styles and colors – as a way to connect to your baby)
  • Graphic designers create “Certificate of Life” documents for babies
  • They write our babies names in the snow on a frozen lake
  • Make onesies with our babies details
  • Offer free, virtual webinar showing how to use journaling as a healing avenue
  • Sew our baby names and birth details on teddy bear embroidery
  • Contribute funds to projects in honor of our babies (like recording a music album)
  • They play violin-gram in dedication of our babies (sweet melody played with the intention of celebrating your babies on Valentine’s Day). Violin-gram – melody of a fav song that reminds you of your baby


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