whatever “it” is

do not look away from me
when it happens

whatever “it” is

henry woke up at midnight,
heat emanating from his crib
a mild fever at 101.2
and a gulp from me, but not a spasm

in a couple hours i will check on him again
and while i wait
i peak into the big boys’ room
and hear sounds of mountains being climbed
and monsters being slain

and then i stare at george’s little body,
amazed at the air traveling in and out
blood moving wildly in so many directions
that tiny little muscles making it all happen

so precious, so miraculous
(so vulnerable, so finite)

i burst into a smile, at the life in this house
and that smile turns into a grimace too quickly

for worry that today, this moment, right here
is as good as it will ever get

because “it” could be around the corner
what “it” might be
and i go to check on henry’s fever

so please, don’t look away from me
if it happens

draw closer to me than you have ever been
and remind me that these blessings are only a piece
of the eternal love that’s to come

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