oh, george

he is just so damn lovely —
every. last. drop.

the brief little curl on his thin pink lips,
guarding such a mighty mouth

the light furrough on his broadening brow
that will one day be defined

the wobbling of his scrawny legs
as they stretch and learn how much space
the world has granted him

the determined, balled up fists
perched at the end of his flailing arms  
reaching for love, reaching for me

the miniature ears, bending gently towards the sound
of his family’s voice

the warmness of his nose
below his steely blue eyes,
set back just enough to gaze into my own–
my god it’s what hope is made of!!

oh george, you simply are quite perfect
(and ive seen such perfection 4 times before)

newborns really are the loveliest creatures
they are quite literally why
the world keeps going round

and also why, i suspect,
all of us do, too

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