national rainbow baby day

another national rainbow baby day is around the corner
(i wish i didn’t know such a thing existed)
and i am pregnant with another rainbow baby
or the pot of gold, as they call it

ive taken issue with these terms
because it suggests that Tinsley was somehow a storm
a storm to survive, to get through, to move past
and onto brighter sunnier days

there are many pieces to that which are misshapen
and untrue to the world i live in

as a writer i suppose i should be more grateful
to the role of metaphors and similes

but as a mother i will always defer
to the love and grief that cannot be expressed
in a tidy slogans

they are meant to help you understand
what i am feeling
when one child dies and one child lives

and i appreciate the effort
i really do

but when hot air and cool air mixes
and nature reminds me who’s in charge

then i would rather just watch her wave her wand
and let storm clouds and rainbows be

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