this too shall pass

i’m feeling pretty defeated for Easter morning

my body vibrates with fear
at the same increasing frequency as his fever
up, up, and up it goes

and the thought of death
crawls up to my chin
as my cheeks flush and grow
with the redness of panic

this is not supposed to be my Easter morning
this day should be focused on rebirth and renewal
and the promise of life

but no matter what i believe in my very best moments
the threat of the world behaving
the way the world behaves
will still chop my faith off at the knees in my harder moments

just because it’s this blessed Sunday
won’t change the pain and fear
that has found a permanent residence
deep within my earthly bones

i look up at the TV screen
where my pastor virtually delivers his sermon
i look down at my arms
into the eyes of my sad, sick boy

and i think to myself
thank god, this too shall pass

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