dear Emma

Written to a friend’s daughter, who is turning 18.  She asked us to give her advice as she enters adulthood.

Dear Emma,
I wish I had the most profound words about life and living to share with you that will make your entire journey easier, softer, more meaningful, loving….

But at 37, I really don’t have this life thing figured out myself!

And maybe that’s the lesson.  Life is a constant learning, a changing, a redirecting, a falling, a getting up. There is no destination.  There is only the getting up and moving forward (or sometimes backwards or in circles!).  Just keep moving.

And most importantly, know that good living is about learning to carry both joy and sorrow at the same time.  You will likely have sorrow because life is hard sometimes. You likely already have had sorrow.   But likely already have had joy!  There is no destination for either.  Learn to be comfortable in the gray areas of your life, do not expect a resolution to everything.  It is all a magnificent journey.

And coffee.  Learn to like coffee.

Your friend and sister in this world,


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