Glow in the Woods

I am humbled and proud that Glow in the Woods asked me to contribute my voice to its powerful loss community.  I write to stay sane and to hopefully bring comfort to other parents that have shared my devastation.  Above all else, I write for her.

Sometimes I wonder if she would have been a writer, too.


i buy ribbons for her,
for the flowers i put on her grave

but sometimes i find myself pretending
as i meander down the aisle

that i’m buying ribbons for her,
for her long brown pigtails

i smile knowingly at the other moms
talking of dance and gymnastics
and i pretend that i am one of them

i pretend that the ribbons in my hand
will go lovingly in my daughter’s hair
instead of wrapped around cold stems
to make her headstone warm

my god this time of year is just so hard

i never know when it’s too early
to switch from pink and purple ribbons
to green and red

or how to keep them from getting frozen
and snapping in two

but i do know that christmas bows are beautiful
wherever they are laid

and that she is eternal
whatever season it may be

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