‘rainbow’ baby: love is all there is

Charlie and I received the best Christmas present of our lives this year. Our 4th child, Henry Jeremiah Gardner, arrived safely on Dec. 20, 2018. His brothers are smitten with him, and we know his sister is blowing kisses to him down from Heaven.


Love is all there is

henry is not a rainbow
he does not have skittles shooting out of his ass
or stripes of color splashed across his face

he is simply a miracle
like all babies are miracles

and he is a miracle in his own right
just like his sister is a miracle in her own right

i will not call him a rainbow
because tinsley was not a storm
she was just a child that came into the world silently
and still

but she is still
my child
and he
is my child

born from the ultimate act of hope
from two parents at their most hopeless

and the rest is love
all there has ever been is love

in the grave or in my arms
love, is all there is.

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