Springtime! (insert middle finger)

FullSizeRender (55)

fragments of happiness in the spring air
lodge like pieces of glass in my eyes

i pluck them out violently
and blame it on the pollen —
yes, it’s seasonal allergies
that invite me to rip my corneas out

it is a lie
like it is a lie when i cheer with the crowd
“spring is here!
the birds are chirping
the grass is turning green
hooray for springtime!”

i flick off mother nature
waving to me from her garden of daffodils
as she tries and fails to divert my attention
from her many other mistakes

april has ripped away my winter shield
it stretches the divide between what’s under my skin
and the outside world
to an even more uncomfortable degree

i shiver
naked in my grief
as the sun beats down on my shoulders
and mocks the death
of my new favorite season.

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