I Just Googled Death

I have nothing against her.
She seems like a really nice woman.

But she likes to talk
(in a sing-songy voice)
about how there is an overarching
and reason
for why things are
exactly the way things are.

And it’s all okay
that those things are
exactly the way they are
because that’s where they’re supposed to be.

Breathe into it,
be open to it,
don’t fight it,
accept it,
find peace within it.

All is well.

It’s hard for me to keep a straight face
during these sappy, cloying monologues
(I just came here for the fucking yoga).

I want to ask her
if she’d choose the same loaded words,
the same sickly, presumptuous message
that wanting faith in the universe
is enough to have it
if one of her own children were underground.

But I like her,
so I don’t want to destroy the peace
in her world.
And hell, maybe she’s right.

But I just Googled “death”
and I can’t remember why.

I have a suspicion that she and I
sleep very differently at night.


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