To Those That Say

To those that say
You will see her again

To those that say
This will get better

To those that say
She’s in a better place

To those that say
She is with God

To those that say
Eternity is waiting

To those that say
All of those things
I reply, “You are probably right.”

And then I resume
Bleeding the rest of her body
Out from mine.

2 thoughts on “To Those That Say

  1. Your poetry is beautiful and says exactly what I want to say at times. There is no comfort when they say “You will see them again” like its a scarped knee we are to get one quickly and move on with life. The pain is deep, and you capture it in your words perfectly.

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    1. I’m so sorry you know this pain, too 😦 It’s beyond words for the most part but sometimes I think I can grab a little tiny bit of it.


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